Ambitious companies realise they have to harness technology that may ultimately disrupt their current business models, affect the number and type of workers they need and require entirely different supply chains.

The findings are from the latest analysis of business trends by Moore Global, focusing on seven key industries.

We found technological revolution was one of the top three drivers in each of them – from automation of traditional processes to improve productivity right through to the creation of virtual worlds that open up unprecedented new revenue streams.

The sectors analysed were: energy, mining and renewables, entertainment, financial services, hotels and leisure, manufacturing and distribution, maritime and real estate and construction.

As well as disruptive technology, Moore’s global sector leaders also pinpointed the increasing impact of ESG and the ongoing battle for the most talented and flexible staff as the other common drivers of success as we enter a further period of economic uncertainty.

Our analysis focused mainly on ambitious, mid-sized companies that are the engine of the world economy. Moore Global CEO Anton Colella said: “How they navigate the current headwinds of economic slowdown, high energy costs and supply chain disruption will impact all of us.”